Private Detective Services

We have special knowledge about tactical research and technical monitoring. Our detectives and researchers do probes about suspected crimes.

We offer also crime risk control services, which affects crime prevention.

Furthermore, we offer mobile devices for technical probing and hidable devices for video monitoring and related solving services.

We offer also sweeping service for conference rooms and other rooms. Detective Finland has the most advanced equipment for locating hidden eavesdropping devices and cameras.

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Our services at one glance:

  • Mystery shopping
  • Sales monitoring and fund monitoring
  • Property loss solving
  • Solving unfaithful actions made to an organisation
  • Monitoring inside an organisation
  • Economical obscurities of an organisation
  • Person tracing
  • Individual background solving
  • Individual interview
  • Research of monitoring video tapes and printing still-images

There is more information about the services on the next pages.

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