Economical obscurities of an organisation

Detektiivi Suomi Oy offers also assistance considering questions about economical obscurities of an organisation. In many occasions it is desired to start the investigations in other ways than a statutory special audit.

The subjects of the economical researches:

  • Cash flow of an organisation
  • Financial crime suspicion
  • Bookkeeping obscurities and corruption
  • Risk analyses of calculation systems
  • Functional testing of calculation systems

Some example cases:

Cash Register Systems, Payments, Cash Processing

In many cases cash flow problems or obscurities of an organisation concern cash payments and cash register systems. The problems may emerge as differences between bookkeeping and physical cash registers and also as repetitive corrections in cash events.

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Risks Relating Acquisitions

Acquisitions concentrating on a group of suppliers without tendering can be a sign of disloyalty towards the organisation. These actions may profit the disloyal employee. The profits will finally result in financial losses for the organisation.

Risks Relating Sale

Rebates relating sales, discounts and pricing can be a sign of sales passing the bookkeeping of the organisation or disloyalty by sales department towards the organisation. In these situations it may consider the profits outside of the bookkeeping. The profits will finally result in uncalled-for discounts or rebates.

Personal Costs Paid by the Organisation

There can be malpractices relating travels and various benefits. In these circumstances costs unrelated to the entrepreneurship are paid by the organisation.

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